WONDERUSSIA Regional Brand Study Results Presented in Ulyanovsk

11th September

On September 10, WONDERUSSIA presented in Ulyanovsk their pilot online showcase of creative products invented and produced in Russia. Ulyanovsk was the first Russian city to be represented and explored as part of the initiative. 

WONDERUSSIA is a project of the Creative Industries Federation (CIF), supported by Russia’s Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. The online showcase will feature local brands from five pilot cities, the first of which was Ulyanovsk. The presentation of the pilot study was organized by Anna Shutova, curator of CIF regional projects, Tatiana Ivshina, head of the “Ulyanovsk — Cultural Capital" fund, and Kirill Valov, head of Social Innovations Directorate in the sphere of culture and creative industries in Ulyanovsk.

The event in Ulyanovsk was attended by local entrepreneurs, guests from other cities and regional mass media representatives. At the presentation, business owners learned about the project’s research methodology, project timeline and key indicators. They also learned about how product brand cards were developed for the WONDERUSSIA showcase —  how products were selected, what features were highlighted and how high-quality images positively influenced the perception of the product.

The business representatives agreed that promotion and informational support of the WONDERUSSIA showcase is what should now be the main focus of the project. The inclusion of the online showcase in regional guidebooks and web portals would help stimulate domestic tourism, as the featured creative products would form new centers of attraction in cities, defining a new vector of regional product tourism.

The WONDERUSSIA project will continue to expand and develop. The online showcase of products in Ulyanovsk will grow, and research of local creative products throughout Khanty-Mansiysk, Nizhny Novgorod, Yakutsk and Moscow will be continue until spring 2023. 

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