The creative industries market will not be created in one moment or on the basis of one single plan. It will be built on concrete achievements that will begin to build actual solidarity. The consolidation of the creative industries requires the elimination of the historical autonomy of creative industry segments. All actions taken by the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) must involve each segment and therefore be cross-disciplinary. For this purpose, 7 directions of activity of the CIF are defined: research and forecasting, interaction with the state, regional ecosystems, infrastructure, investments, human resources and the popularization of each particular sector.

This scope of activities implies a wide range of participants in the formation and implementation of the CIF plan of activities. Cross-sector interaction and openness to organizations that differ both in legal form, scale of activity, and geographic location are embedded in the DNA of the Federation. The unification of such different market participants should be aimed at creating a common basis for the development of creative industries as a full-fledged sector of the economy. This will change the destinies of authors, enterprises, regions and the country as a whole.
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Human Resources Committee
Creative Industries Investment Committee
Creative Enterprise Infrastructure Committee
Committee on Regional Ecosystems
Committee on Government Interaction
Committee on the Promotion of Creative Entrepreneurship
Committee on Research and Forecasting
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