The Creative Russia Map, the First Map of Infrastructure Organizations in the Field of Creative Industries, was Presented in Russia

August 4th

The map was developed jointly with the Creative Practices Foundation. Its presentation took place on the Skillbox platform on August 3, 2021.

The Creative Russia Map allows all users to edit information about infrastructure organizations and creative projects, as well as apply to add new ones. Today, 130 organizations from 23 regions of Russia are located on the interactive map, which is currently in beta version during the launch period. The map’s three interconnected filter systems allow users to perform flexible searches organized by :

  • type of organization;
  • type of support;
  • level of activity.

During the presentation, Denis Shchukin, Director of the Creative Practices Foundation, noted that thanks to the interactive map, creative entrepreneurs can find information about partners or contractors for cooperation and organizations that support creative businesses.

Igor M. Namakonov, General Director of the Creative Industries Federation, emphasized that the development of an interactive map would be impossible without the involvement of representatives of creative industries themselves, especially those working in Russian regions. For this reason, CIF will pay special attention to the popularization of the service.

To make your organization a part of the service, you must submit an application via the Creative Russia Map website and go through the data verification process.

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