Kaliningrad Will Soon Have its Own List of Outstanding Representatives of the Creative Industries

August 18th

The "Krespektiva" Creative Industries Foundation of the Kaliningrad Region and the Creative Industries Federation are conducting research to identify creative leaders in the Kaliningrad region within the framework of the Anklav. 100 Most Creative Russians project. The list will help consolidate the creative industries of the region, help society get acquainted with this sector of the economy, and build a dialogue with the state.

The 100 Most Creative Russians federal project has existed since November 2020 and is now actively developing at the regional level as part of the Creative Industries Federation’s key projects.

The study in the Kaliningrad region will interview at least 200 opinion leaders, industry experts and creative business owners from 12 areas relevant to the region's economy, including: performing and theater arts, advertising and marketing, film, video and photography, television and radio, product design, communication and fashion, publishing, IT, software and games, visual arts, museums, galleries and creative clusters, architecture, music and gastronomy.

The Kaliningrad region was one of the first, among the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, to realize the importance of systematic work on the development of the local sector of the creative economy. The Anklav. 100 Most Creative Russians project is an important initiative to popularize local creative entrepreneurs and increase the region's awareness at the federal level.

“It is important for us to reveal the creative potential of the region through specific leaders and their achievements, verified by market experts. This influences the identity of the region and the strengthening of cross-industrial ties, ”says Igor M. Namakonov, General Director of CIF.

The research results will be presented in the fall of 2021 on the project website.

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