Creative Industries Federation Presents 2nd Online Showcase of Russian Creative Products

1st November

On October 30, a swap market was held in Khanty-Mansiysk for the city’s entrepreneurs. The event was opened by a presentation of the WNDRU | UGRA project — an online showcase of regional creative products. As part of the event, WONDERUSSIA held a workshop, where entrepreneurs learned how to initiate creative collaborations and effective partnerships with other regional business representatives.

The WNDRU / UGRA online showcase presented the work of professionals, creative teams and brands from all over the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. Products featured in the UGRA project represented 15 different creative directions, the leading industries among which were Arts & Crafts, Fine Arts and gastronomy.

“We are very excited that such a prestigious project has appeared [in our region] and are proud that we were worthy to be included in the online showcase. It is interesting to see what other creative products are being produced in our region,” Adam Aktimirov, founder of the Yomas clothing brand, said. 

WNDRU | UGRA professional experts evaluated over 100 local regional brand products, 49 of which were already on display in the online showcase. In the near future, this list will grow to include local products that are currently undergoing brand restyling, since being shortlisted by the WONDERUSSIA project prompted many entrepreneurs to create media content for their brand that would best present their product to their audience.

“External evaluation is very important for the regions. It can help show entrepreneurs that other people believe in their brand and product. The WONDERUSSIA project provides creators with such an independent assessment,” Nikolai Chebonenko, founder of the "Pattern of the World” workshop, said. 

WONDERUSSIA is a project of the Creative Industries Federation (CIF), which received support from Russia’s Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. The initiative features an online showcase with local brands throughout five pilot cities. In September, the CIF team presented the results of the first study in Ulyanovsk. By Spring 2023, WONDERUSSIA will present creative products from Nizhny Novgorod, Yakutsk and Moscow.

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