13th March

The debut CONF CIF took place at the Cultural Centerof HSE University on March 13 and was dedicated to education in the field of creativeindustries. With key stakeholders on the topic, the discussion about how theeducation market is structured today and what educational trajectories areformed for students was held.


Among the speakers there were the director of the HSEDesign School, ArtMasters, IRPO, VK, Ultimate Education, IP Academy, as well asthe heads of regional development centers and accelerators. In total, 17speakers participated in offline and online formats across five thematicmodules. The non-stop discussion was moderated by the CEO of CIF, Igor M.Namakonov.

«CONF CIF is named exactly this way because weremoved all the unnecessary elements from the traditional conference format:unnecessary formal things, empty talks, self-presentations, and even breaks. Itturned out to be a concise name and three dense hours. »


We opened the event with our research on promisingdirections for the development of the creative economy in Russia, which weconducted together with the Institute for National Projects. The researchresults allowed us to justify the choice of the theme for the audience: themain challenge that the sector will face in the coming years is the lack ofqualified personnel in the creative industry.


Watch the full broadcast recording tounderstand all the intricacies and advantages of our new format, as 238 000viewers on VK have already done. Yes, that's exactly how many users watched thebroadcast. We thank HSE University and personally Tatiana Rivchun for theirsupport and assistance in organizing the event.


Photos from the event


A short video about how it was


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