CIF Red Button: Advice, Questions, and Discussion of the New Reality in Telegram

21st March

Russia's economy in general and the creative sector in particular are in a difficult situation. How can we predict the development of creative industries? How can new growth points be identified? How to determine the most likely scenarios? In order to find the answers to these questions together, the Creative Industries Federation has created a special Telegram channel, "CIF Red Button".

This Telegram channel will collect the most important and useful things for creators and entrepreneurs: news about anti-crisis legislative initiatives, economic support measures, special programs, and resources that can replace foreign services unavailable in Russia.

Feedback is also important, which is why there is a chat room with the same name on the CIF Red Button channel, where you can offer advice, ask questions, discuss, and make suggestions. Mutual aid and assistance are now a priority: cooperation is more important than ever today, so that representatives of the creative sector can work together to figure out how to deal with the new and extremely volatile reality.

Telegram channel: https://t.me/redbuttonCIF

Chat: https://t.me/CIFredbutton 

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