CIF at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2024

8th June

The Federation of CreativeIndustries participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. They concluded a professional competition for journalists, signed newcooperation agreements as part of the business program, and the CEO of CIF, IgorM. Namakonov, acted as a moderator and expert in specialized discussions.

The prizes in the CIF competition «Creative Industries: A Journalistic Perspective» wereawarded to professionals from Moscow and Rostov-on-Don. The winners werehonored at the SPIEF gala evening organized by Independent Media.

Another important event wasthe signing of two cooperation agreements. One of them was with the Governmentof the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra.

«Signing thisagreement is very important for us because the Federation of CreativeIndustries is a leader in accumulating best practices in the field of creativeentrepreneurship. We will cooperate in educational and acceleration programs,event organization, and support for creative industries,» commented DeputyGovernor of Ugra, Elena Shumakova.

The other agreement focusedon the development of international cooperation: CIF became a partner of theKazakhstan Foundation for Creative Initiatives and Cultural Heritage. Thecorresponding document was signed with the founder of the Foundation, DinaAbdrakhmet: «Together with the Federation of Creative Industries, wehave initiated the first successful experience of international cooperation tosupport creative industries between Russia and Kazakhstan, and mostimportantly, we have created a foundation for the exchange of experiences andcollaboration of national creative entrepreneurs and the promotion ofinnovative solutions and creative products in international markets.»

We unite forces, accumulateexperience, and gather best practices to develop the creative economy together. «Eight out of ten BRICS+ countries have included points on strengtheningtheir positions on the global stage and developing international cooperation intheir creative industry development strategies. Naturally, CIF cannot standaside from this process. Both Russia and Kazakhstan have enormous potential inthe creative field, but together we can achieve even more,» emphasizes IgorM. Namakonov.

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